Competitive Commitment for a Competitive Industry.


From training to game time, giving your all as an athlete takes a lot of hard work, and a reliable finance partner makes sure your finances are equally competitive. Whether you are a veteran, a rookie, or on the cusp on your professional sports career, our services will ensure that your efforts on the field are well-protected. We help you protect your wealth, plan for your financial future, and meet your goals outside of the game.

All-Star Advisement.


J. Wesley & Company is dedicated to keeping you informed about the finer financial aspects of your career, including advisement on sponsorships, contracts and more. Our goal is to ensure any document that receives your signature works toward your best interest. We will help you understand your income, negotiate deals and develop a financial strategy to save your hard-earned money.

Thinking Ahead

We specialize in developing strategies to preemptively address financial vulnerabilities and expand upon financial strengths.

Flexible Solutions

Our focus on innovative solutions includes a flexible approach, and we adjust our services to reflect your changing circumstances.

A Strong Foundation

We utilize both accounting experience and knowledge of industry practices. Let us be your foundation for making informed financial management decisions.

Enterprise-Level Services

While we offer the full array of services to be expected of a national firm, we tailor engagements to fit the needs and resources of clients.

Unique Solutions

One business solution doesn't fit all. Our services focus on your unique business needs, delivering a tailored approach to match your challenges.

Analytic Advantages

We help clients develop creative, cost-effective solutions using analytics and the latest technologies available in the industry.