Our Partners' Concerns are Our Mission.


Healthcare providers are challenged by increasing demands and changing . Shareholders, management, directors and other stakeholders require timely, relevant and secure information to operate profitably, finance growth, govern effectively and create value, all with patient health and safety top of mind. By partnering with J. Wesley & Company, companies can balance these concerns with a supply of financial expertise and reliable advisement.

We Are Committed.


Positioning healthcare providers for success is critical during these changing times. Our team develops business strategies that are fully aligned with each organization’s initiatives, putting into place financial management systems that can adapt to change under health reform. We view this as our contribution to the community during a time where reliable health care is more valuable than ever, providing our partners in the industry with reliable business solutions while maintaining their commitment to those who rely on them.

Thinking Ahead

We specialize in developing strategies to preemptively address financial vulnerabilities and expand upon financial strengths.

Flexible Solutions

Our focus on innovative solutions includes a flexible approach, and we adjust our services to reflect your changing circumstances.

A Strong Foundation

We utilize both accounting experience and knowledge of industry practices. Let us be your foundation for making informed financial management decisions.

Enterprise-Level Services

While we offer the full array of services to be expected of a national firm, we tailor engagements to fit the needs and resources of clients.

Unique Solutions

One business solution doesn't fit all. Our services focus on your unique business needs, delivering a tailored approach to match your challenges.

Analytic Advantages

We help clients develop creative, cost-effective solutions using analytics and the latest technologies available in the industry.