Maximizing Your Humanitarian Objectives


Nonprofit organizations are a valuable element of communities around the globe, but require special focus to manage their resources while staying focused on their goals. Practical financial oversight is essential to keeping these organizations operational. J. Wesley & Company is more than ready to contribute our expertise.

We approach challenges with a focus on innovative problem solving, and we understand the business of being a nonprofit while focusing on entrepreneurial responsibilities. As fiercely as you are committed to your mission, we are equally as committed to our partners and their success.

You Are Our Specialty.


Nonprofit accounting involves a number of specialized requirements, including tax oversight, consultation, and financial management for employees and volunteers. These varied requirements present challenges that only experience can overcome, and our experience has enabled us to build strong relationships with a variety of professionals in the nonprofit sector.

Navigating Challenges

We understand the challenges of operating in the nonprofit sector and provide an array of tax, assurance and business advisory solutions that make it easier for you to focus on your core functions.

Strategic Services

We offer strategies and services developed for each client’s specific mission and unique obstacles, from donor accountability to competition for funding.

Service With Purpose

Whether your needs concern governance, financial sustainability, organizational efficiency, strategy, or compliance, J. Wesley & Company can benefit your mission.

Team Perspective

Our team offers more than knowledge of standards and regulations. We take time to understand your mission, leadership motivations, and the perspective of your organization’s beneficiaries.

Efficiency & Transparency

The services we provide will streamline your operations, increase your transparency to shareholders and keep you in compliance with ever-changing financial reporting regulations.

Reliable Support

With a deep understanding of the issues nonprofit organizations face, our professionals bring you reliable solutions that deliver measurable value to your organization and those you serve.