We Ensure That You Can Be Present For Your Patients.


Having a private therapy practice almost guarantees a busy schedule with a long list of people to look after and everyday matters to consider. Our goal is for you to be as present as you can be to the people counting on you, without the additional concern of keeping up with your practice’s books. J. Wesley & Company is proud to support the therapists keeping communities healthy and thriving.

Protecting Your Practice.


We offer tax accounting, financial literacy, and bookkeeping services for practitioners who need a personal touch to managing their practice’s finances. As your partner, we will ensure that you are up-to-date with your budgeting strategy and educated about all of your financial options. By entrusting our team with your books, you guarantee your patients’ continued access a secure, safe space.

Paying It Forward

J. Wesley & is dedicated to providing unique solutions that positively impact communities. A strong foundation will enable your community to care for its members.

Flexible Solutions

Our focus on innovative solutions includes a flexible approach, and we adjust our services to reflect your changing circumstances.

Enterprise-Level Services

While we offer the full array of services to be expected of a national firm, we tailor engagements to fit the needs and resources of clients.

Partnerships First

We bring transparency and transformation to aid you in navigating the challenges of the present and meeting the demands of the future.

Scalable Strategies

Whether your business is on the family-based or enterprise side of the spectrum, J. Wesley & will identify and address your needs.

Reliable Budgeting

Our budgeting specialists can show you how to balance your expenses, prepare for emergencies and make the most of your income.