When It's time to be your own boss, We'll Be There.


The initial formation of a business is the first and most challenging process that most entrepreneurs experience, especially without the proper counsel. While this state in the entrepreneurial journey is equal parts high-pressure and high-excitement, a careful, methodical plan of action is needed to fulfill your goal of starting and running a successful business. Success lies in the approach you choose to take. Our team will help you avoid the common pitfalls that many new small business owners make when starting their new venture.

Build a Strong Foundation.


We offer professional guidance for every aspect of your new business: selecting a business structure, cash flow management, determining your start-up capital needs, and more. Combined with our host of small business accounting services, J. Wesley & Company will help you start your new venture on the right foot and build a strong financial platform.

Preparing for Success

Prepare your start-up for the next level of success with advanced technology tools, real business expertise and flexible services.

Unique Solutions

One business solution doesn't fit all. Our services focus on your unique business needs, delivering a tailored approach to match your challenges.

Business Structure

We build your internal infrastructure to create consistency, ensure compliance and prepare your business for the future.


With our startup business services, you’ll receive a grounded financial strategy that will lead to better decision making and lower risk.

Diverse Expertise

We support emerging companies across a broad spectrum of sectors and levels of income.

From Startup to Expansion

We accompany you on the journey from opening your doors to going public, guiding you through the necessary stages and developmental milestones.